Pack your Summer Suitcase at Posh Bingo

By Becky Mosley - August 5 2010

All month long Posh Bingo players can win cash, bingo bonus and cool prizes to celebrate the summer hols. Now Posh has quite rightly pointed out that the trick to a carefree holiday is strategic packing no worrying about the bits and bobs you’ve left behind. With this in mind they have come up with the Posh Summer Suitcase offer which is a list of Holiday Essentials, Hot Summer Numbers and Travel Games to keep you busy on your journey to somewhere hot and sunny.

In the first week which runs until this Sunday 8th August the top 2 players who bingo the most on the KITE pattern will share £60 in the Holiday Essential side of things. In Hot Summer Number there is a £20 bingo bonus for the player who bingos the most on the number 2 and in Travel Game the player who wagers the most on Lost Island wins a Make Up Collection by American Top Model judge Victoria Jackson.

The following week there will be a new set of guidelines to win cool prizes and we’ll let you know what they are. Winners will be announced on site and in the weekly mailer every Monday so don’t just put it in trash make sure you read your Posh newsletter every week!

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