Play bingo and help victims of the Pakistan floods at Big Heart Bingo

By Dani Lee - November 9 2010

You may have heard of the charity bingo site Big Heart Bingo, well this month they are helping the victims of the Pakistan floods and are appealing to you guys to help. The floods disaster was worse than the tsunami and Haiti’s earthquake put together. Although the floods have died down millions of people are still homeless and in need of help.

The following is Nasreen’s story taken from the Big Heart Bingo site:

“The flooding has receded from the surrounding areas for now, but the mud and debris strewn across the land is like quicksand. Many of the homes – also constructed out of mud – have been washed away. For those families, like Nasreen's, it won't be a matter of cleaning up, but of rebuilding. They haven't yet figured out how to replace the cows and recover their livelihood.
"I don't know what we will do now," said Nasreen. "We were poor already and we've lost whatever we had in the floods: our only shelter and means of income. Where do we go from here? We have nowhere to go."

You can help by raising funds for the DEC (Disaster Emergency Committee) by clicking on the link on the site or donate directly by visiting The aim is to raise £5000 and already £1047 has been donated so with a little extra help Big Heart Bingo and the DEC should reach their target.

If you’re not a member of Big Heart Bingo but like the idea of doing your bit and helping various charities around the world whilst you play bingo games, sign up today. As a new member you get 200% welcome bonus which means you’re first deposit is tripled!

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