Play Bingo at Bingo Yard this weekend and win an HD TV

By Dani Lee - August 21 2010

This weekend is going to be manic at Bingo Yard as they have lots of fun filled promos to keep you all out of trouble.

The best of the bunch is definitely the one where they give one jammy player a 22 inch LED HD monitor. All you have to do is bingo on the letter L this weekend and you could be watching a crystal clear picture on your 1920 x 1080p crystal clear monitor which has auto brightness and mega contrast and can be hooked up to your DVD player, PC or games console.

In the Free Cash offer you can win £200 in points if you wager the most money this weekend and in the similar Love Cash promotion you can win £100 in points for bingo-ing the most on the Heart pattern. There’s also £1000 in points up for grabs in the Lucky Jar offer which gives players the chance to win a chunk of that points prize when they bingo on the number 29.

If you’ve been following the celeb news this week you might know the answer to Bingo Yard’s Spot the Celeb question which is:

Which famous Hollywood actor and star of Wall Street has been in the news this week after reportedly being treated for a tumour found in his throat?

If you know the answer email it across to Bingo Yard where all correct entries will be put in a draw to win 25,000 points!

If you’re into horoscopes then this week’s Zodiac might appeal to you it reads a bit like this: Good fortune can manifest itself in the strangest of places, so when you find yourself in an unfamiliar situation this week be sure to keep your wits about you – you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find! Good fortune might well find you too as 30 lucky players will each win 5000 points when they bingo on the Zodiac number of the week, 35!

There’s even more to tell you about but I’d be here all night if I did so why not take a peek at Bingo Yard’s weekend promotions yourself. Get 20 free cards, that's £1 free bingo no deposit to try the site out before parting with your cash.

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