Posh Bingo – Limited time offer for Newbies

By Asin Agrawal - February 18 2011

Posh Bingo is running a very limited time offer for newbies this week; for those of you who don't know what "Newbies" are, they are new bingo members – simple as that! Any new bingo member, even if they have never played this game online before, could really do a lot worse than throw in their lot with Posh Bingo. It is one of four networked sites and what I should in fact advise you to do, is join each one of the sites in this network. It is called the Joy of Bingo network and a name couldn't be more apt! The other three sites are Red Bus, Tasty and Wink. At the very least, you should be a member of both Wink and Posh Bingo.

The reason whey we say this is, because the Joy of Bingo is completely unique, each bingo site hosts their own promotions and this is what makes them both lucrative and unique. Now I know you are going to say you are clever but not even you are clever enough to be in two places at the same time,this is what pre-buy is for. While not going into great detail about pre-buy, simply find out more about this at Posh Bingo when you sign up and accept this special offer which I will tell you about now.

This offer only lasts till Sunday the 20th February, 2011, and if you make a deposit of £10, they will give you a £25 deposit match bonus free. Make a larger first time deposit if you like and as this offer is a 250% bonus, if you deposit as much as £100, you will receive a maximum bonus of £250 free! All this free bingo money can be spent on games such as Posh Swag, the Glizty £750, Dreams of Dosh, Penny Bingo and team bingo games if you are going to be a team player.

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