Price is right Bingo at Jackpot Joy Bingo

By Asin Agrawal - January 1 2011

Jackpot Joy Bingo is a huge online bingo site, with a whole host of bingo and other games on offer. They were probably also the first to offer games such as Price is Right and Deal or No Deal Bingo. They were the first bingo site at which this writer ever saw these games being played, although both Deal or No Deal and Price is right bingo and slots are now played at other sites.

This is also the only site where we see the big prizes won in these games. Play their online version of game show bingo and chat to other players live as well as finding super jackpots, PJP's and BOG2F offers daily making it one of the most entertaining places and ways to spend time online playing bingo! If you like playing bingo and you like game shows, you may just have found the site which is perfect for you.

Member "James M" won a brand new nifty Mini Cooper when he was the first winner of the Price is Right Bingo's Spin the Wheels bonus game! He thought that it was crazy that he had won a Mini Cooper "just by playing bingo", but he did and now he is driving the car to prove it! "Catherine S" is another Mini Cooper winner and just so you know, these cars are valued at a hefty £14,995! This member is obviously a huge fan of the site, I would be too if I had won a new car. However she is also a cancer victim and although she has been in remission, she find great comfort from playing at the site, in particular because she has not be able to get out and around too often. But this did not stop her from going out and filling her boot with electronic gadgets when she won. And why b not?!

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