Red Letter Day for Tombola Bingo Winners

By Asin Agrawal - January 29 2011

The big winners come thick and fast when you play at Tombola Bingo, but the unique games this bingo site offers are not the only reason for their popularity. On Tuesday 25th January three big bingo jackpots were all won in one day (say nothing of smaller prizes)!

The bells and whistles went wild when "suewinn777" got the winning bingo ball rolling, she landed a whopping £10,000 playing Bingo Roulette in the morning at 10:17am. Then, "vickyslip" from Colchester was happily playing along in Bingo 90 when she triggered the PJP and bagged a prize of £12,036 at around 5:30pm. Not to be outdone "bamboo7" was playing Cinco and got a surprise winning the third big jackpot of the day. This Leicestershire based member scooped up a whopping £20,000 which is the maximum Cinco prize available!

You never know when you will be a big winner at Tombola because the opportunity to win big is always there. Not like other online bingo sites which host scheduled bingo games and prizes; be it £10,000 a week, month or day. Here you can win, as you can see, at any time of the day, on as many different games as you are prepared to play. The ticket prices determine the size of the maximum prize and your luck determines on whether you win or not. Also check out Tombola Bingo winners on Monday the 17th January, it was supposed to be the gloomiest day of the year – we think not!

The new game at Tombola Bingo; "Syndicates" also has some news of its own and last week 1,510 players all won a share of a win. 80 members won a share of the 4 ball prizes and 1,430 players won a share of the 3 ball. This is the UK National Lottery and when you spend £1 on any game at the site, you get a free Syndicates lottery line for the draw on the following Saturday.

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