RedBus Bingo hosts £25K Joy Pot game tomorrow!

By Dani Lee - July 28 2011

It's that time again, you've got it, it's Joy Pot time! As you probably know by now, every year the Joy of Bingo Network sticks £100K in the Joy Pot and distributes it across their 4 main bingo sites in 3monthly bingo games. Well, the next game is upon us and it's playing at RedBus Bingo tomorrow night!

If you've been playing bingo at Wink, Tasty, Posh and of course RedBus Bingo over the last few months, you will have been accumulating Joy Points which are converted into bingo cards into the game. You get these automatically when you wager on bingo and when you take part in regular specials which are usually emailed to you in the weekly newsletters these sites provide. Either way, you will have your earned tickets ready for you to play tomorrow night. If you haven't been playing on any of these sites you will need to do actually buy your cards but this is no big deal, they are £2 each and can be picked up at RedBus Bingo right now.

Unfortunately if you do not have an account with RedBus Bingo, you wont be able to take part in the game on this occasion as you must have an account with the hosting bingo site 5 days before the game is set to play so commiserations to those of you who miss out but you will know for next time.

The Joy Pot bingo game kicks off at 10pm tomorrow night and has a whopping £25,000 to play for. Make sure whatever you're doing, you're near a computer so you can check to see if you're a winner. I'm not venturing out of the house tomorrow evening because I am convinced it could be me who scoops the latest Joy Pot prize!

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