Roomies Celebrate Five Ball Lottery Win at Rollover Bingo

By Peter X - February 11 2012

Rollover Bingo is the only online bingo site to reward you with FREE lines on the national lottery every time you play bingo. It's such an exciting way to play your favourite numbers game — indeed, one syndicate of roomies recently got a five ball win and split just under £2000 between them.

Here's how it works: for every £5 you spend on bingo at Rollover, you are rewarded with a free line for the next approaching national lottery. These take place on either Wednesday or Saturday nights. Your numbers are then entered as part of a syndicate of 49 players. If your personal numbers get a three or four ball win, then you are rewarded the amount of cash in bonus points, leaving you free to buy more free bingo tickets. However, if anybody in your syndicate gets five or six balls, it's quids in time and the cash is divvied up.

Register at Rollover Bingo today to play your favourite online bingo games, to chase enormous jackpots, and to play slots, instant games and video poker. And who knows, you could be moments away from a national lottery win. There is a £10 free bingo bonus waiting for you and 10 free lines on the national lottery when you deposit.


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