St Patrick’s Day at Wink Bingo

By Becky Mosley - March 16 2010

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and never one to shy away from a good knees up, Wink Bingo have a day of celebrations to honour St Paddy himself. On Wednesday 17th March Wink will be giving away double bonus points in all of their chat games between 6pm and 9pm so that’s 3 hours of double points up for grabs!

Roll Me Over in the Clover sees players who bingo between 8am and 8pm the chat host will ask them to select a ‘Clover Leaf’ number between 1 and 75 or 90. Under your chosen leaf there will be an A, B, C or D which will determine what prize you win. All winners have to say ‘Roll me over in the Clover’ to win themselves 100 bonus points.

Leaf A – Pick a drinking buddy – 1000 bonus points
Leaf B – 1000 bonus points to the player
Leaf C – 1000 bonus points to upper buddy
Leaf D – 1000 bonus points to lower buddy

When a player wins between 8am and 8pm in the ‘Luck of the Irish to Ye’ promo, the chat host will put the ‘St Paddy’s Day Clover’ in the chat room. Players then have to yell ‘Luck of the Irish to Ye!’ with the 4th roomie to do this winning 1000 bonus points!

‘Happy St Paddy’s Day’ is another game where players have to shout ‘Happy St Paddy’s Day’ when the number 17 is called between 8am and 8pm on St Patrick’s Day. The first player who manages to shout first wins themselves 1000 bonus points!

‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ is the last of the St Patrick’s Day promos where the player who wins the bingo game is asked to choose mate in the room and tell them ‘Kiss me I’m Irish…..’ followed by their mate’s name. If your chosen buddy replies with a ‘Mmwwahhhhhh’ they will win 111 bonus points!

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