Steamy Bingo – Make a date with the Advent Calendar

By Becky Mosley - December 12 2010

You want to find out what the days offer is when you play at Steamy Bingo because every day until Christmas Day they will be giving goodies away. Simply click on that date advent calendar to find what's up for grabs; this should get you into the festive mood. This advent calendar also allows you to peek ahead to the next days’ prizes too so make sure you return every day! On Saturday the 4th December there was an extra £500 given away and on Sunday the 5th December there was BOGOF all day long but you can only do this if you are a pay for play member at Steamy Bingo; one of the hottest new bingo sites on the web. It is also pretty much a sure thing that the closer we get to Christmas the better the prizes will be.

I have to be honest and say with a great deal of certainty, that the Christmas advent calendar at this site, may not be the best found in the UK currently although there is one redeeming factor and that is the Super Bingo Linx game which plays on Boxing Day. This also so happens to be on the last Sunday of the month. Traditionally the Super Bingo Linx plays on the last Sunday of the month but it is not tradition for £26,000 to be the prize. On Sunday the 26th December this IS the prize and what a prize it is! Prizes don't get much hotter than that and it’s apt that a game of this size which is bound to make temperatures rise, should be played at Steamy Bingo.

To make sure you can play in this red hot Super Bingo Linx register at Steamy Bingo, deposit £10 and they will give you £25 free that’s 250% bonus!

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