Take part in the Hello-Hello £5000 Challenge at Bingo Mania

By Becky Mosley - November 13 2011

Bingo Mania have another of their top Challenges on this week and it's a big one! The Hello-Hello Challenge is worth £5000 and celebrates Hello Day and actual holiday celebrated in 180 countries on 21st November each year.

I haven't heard of it myself but the idea behind it sounds good. Apparently Hello Day encourages World leaders to settle conflicts with communication rather than fighting. You can join in by saying 'Hello' to 10 different people on Hello Day or you could just take part in the promo on site.

Between 6am and 1am there will be 2 special bingo games per hour in Lucky Streak and the Money Tree. When you win both games you earn £5 in bingo bonus and the Challenge Badge plus entry into the Hello-Hello Challenge Tourney worth £750! Tourneys play at 9pm in Madhouse.

Bingo Mania is a great bingo site with a wide variety of games, sign up today and start enjoying these games. You will need to make a deposit before you can play but there's a 200% welcome bonus when you do so spend £10 and you'll get an extra £20 free.

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