Take part in Think’s £10,000 Golden Ticket Game

By Matt Kennedy - October 18 2011

Think Bingo has the next big bingo game which you simply cannot afford to miss! The £10,000 Golden Ticket game is set to take place on Friday 18th November at 8pm. You can grab your tickets now, if you're anything like me you'll need to grab them sooner rather than later or you'll forget!

Think Bingo will also be giving away free tickets in special bingo games leading up to the big game. The full house prize is £5000, the two line winner will get £2500 and the one line winner will get £1500, there's even £1000 for the 1TG winners to share.

If you would like a cash boost in time for Christmas, you know where to play! New players who join this bingo site get a free 200% welcome bonus which you can claim on your deposits from as little as £5, the maximum bonus you can get your mitts on is £100. So deposit £20 and you'll et an extra £40 for free!

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