Tea and Bingo Clover Rollover £1.17 Million Jackpot

By Becky Mosley - January 27 2010

Players at Tea and Bingo are all going mad for the Clover Rollover Game which currently has a Jackpot of over £1.17 Million and just keeps getting bigger.

The game is a 5 reel, 5 line slot with a progressive jackpot which increases daily based on the amount of the stakes from the day before. To get a bit closer to winning that huge jackpot you will need to make a maximum bet of £1 on any one line or more to be eligible to win. If 5 lucky Shamrock symbols line up on any line with the maximum bet, you’ll have won the Clover Rollover progressive jackpot and will become an Instant Millionaire.

To make the game even more exciting Tea and Bingo will reward their top Clover Rollover Players (the ones who stake the most money) with real cash, bonuses and lucky prizes! The highest staking player will win £100, the second highest will win £75 bonus and the 3rd will receive £50 bonus. Players that finish between 4th and 10th will win their very own Lucky 4 Leaf Clover to grow at home, just add water and there’ll be instant luck coming your way!

To win any of these prizes you only have until 31st January to play the Clover Rollover Game and then the humungous jackpot will be reset so get playing!

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