The best online bingo tactics

By Ben Barker - November 11 2015

Whether you have been playing online bingo for years or have only just started having a few tactics up your sleeve can never be a bad thing to help you be a winner. That is exactly why we decided to compile the best online bingo tactics just for you. There may be a few things that you have already picked up yourself along the way but we hope that this selection of tips might just help you to get the most out of your bingo experience!


Our first tactic is one that is important before you have even begun to play. Being prepared is vital if you want to win, and we don’t just mean grabbing yourself a mug of tea or a couple of snacks. We recommend that you always watch the game before you play. This tactic is really useful because it means you get to understand how the game works and find out if there are any differences between the games you choose to play. The more aware you are of differences that could exist the more likely it is that you’ll be able to do everything right. The less mistakes you make the more likely you are to be a winner!

Another tactic we advise is also one to consider just before you start playing. Think about what sort of time you want to start playing each day, and what day of the week it is. If you have the opportunity we recommend playing during the week in the morning or afternoon as much as possible. This is because less people are around which means you are more likely to be a winner as you will have less people to compete with. A great tactic is to practice and develop your bingo skills in the week and then play at evenings and weekends when you feel comfortable with your abilities.

Of course, selecting when you will play is incredibly important but selecting where is equally as important. A great tactic we have learnt is that lots of games offer incredible bonuses when you play them. If you choose the right game to play then you can be more likely to win, but you can also have the chance to win fantastic bonus prizes which really adds an extra level of excitement to the game. On Best Offers Bingo we love to help you find games that are offering amazing bonuses so make sure you take a look at the games we have on our homepage.

Making friends is a brilliant aspect of online bingo, and our next tactic shows how making friends can have more benefits than simply having some company when you’re having fun. By making friends through online bingo games you can find out about which games are best at that moment in time and also hear if anyone has been especially enjoying certain games and winning regularly. By becoming a part of the friendly online bingo community you can benefit in other ways as well, as sometimes when people who are friends in the community win they like to share their prize so you can feel like a winner too.

Having friends in the online bingo community can be brilliant and if you like to chat a lot our next tactic could really help you out. Many games offer an auto mode which means you can keep chatting while your numbers get checked automatically. This can be great if you need to leave your screen briefly as well because you won’t risk losing out on the effort you have made in games. A quick tip we would always suggest is checking back the numbers that have been announced while you were away, as auto modes can be incredibly useful, but you don’t want to rely on a computer only to find out that something did not work.

The risk of missing out on seeing which numbers were called is one that can ruin a game. This is why our next tactic is to limit how many cards you play each game. By making sure you have a manageable amount of cards you can always keep track of which numbers have come up and which numbers you have already crossed off in your game. It is worth remembering though that more cards does mean it is more likely to win, but we suggest playing more cards over a longer period of time rather than playing them all at once. Equally, an important tactic that relates to how many cards and games you want to play is that you should always know your limits. By knowing your limits you can be happy in the knowledge that when you hit a winning streak you will have the resources to keep playing, although you should never let your limits stop you from having fun!

Our final tactic is to make sure you are only ever playing games on websites you can trust. It would be a nightmare to play games for a whole day and win lots only to find out that the website you have been playing on isn’t legitimate and won’t let you claim your prizes. By using Best Offers Bingo you are using a resource that you know you can trust and you will be able to relax and enjoy the games you play safe in the knowledge that your prizes will be available when you win.

If you have any other top tactics for online bingo players that you have learnt or if you think that some of these tactics will really improve your online bingo abilities then please do let us know in the comments below!

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