The Guaranteed Daily £10,000 Jackpots returns to Mecca Bingo

By Dani Lee - October 20 2010

Mecca Bingo’s extremely popular Guaranteed Daily £10,000 Jackpot will return this week where one lucky player each day will win this huge prize in any of the 90 ball bingo rooms between now and 7th November.

Later this week there will be a £5000 slots tourney running until Thursday. Players have to spend £20 on Cashino each day and they could then win 101 prizes. Winners will be determined by dividing their total win by the total they have staked. The higher percentage of wins the player has the higher up the leaderboard they will finish.

Players who spend between £40 between now and Thursday will gain access to the Mystery Bingo private room on Sunday. Not too sure what will go on in the Mystery Bingo room but there’s sure to be a good few bingo games to be played.

Players who want to win big can play the Clover Rollover game which has a massive jackpot of over £3 Million. Even if you don’t win the big one you could still win a share of £10K as part of the Share the Wealth promotion which gives all players who spend £1 on the Clover Rollover on the day it is won a share of £10K. It’s worth playing every day just incase someone wins the big one and you end up with a share of the £10K!

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