The Royal Baby Tournament at ABC Bingo

By Becky Mosley - July 26 2013

All hail the new prince

If you are jumping for joy for the arrival of the new Royal Prince, then jump on over to ABC Bingo. There's a special £1000 tourney playing on July 28, and the top five players to call house the most will win £200 each. To be in the running, cover the pacifier (dummy) patterns and don't forget to pick up your bingo voucher code.


Anniversary games

And quite, quite randomly, ABC are marking the first anniversary of the London 2012 games – climb your way to the top of the champion board to win a shiny medal.


Car or cash?

You only have a couple of days to earn tickets for the Car or Cash game. On August 1 at 8 PM, roomies will get their eyes down to win a brand-new 5mart Car, or £5000 in cash. To earn free tickets, call a full house on the number five, cover all the letters that spell the word CAR, or cover the car pattern in the 75 ball room. Alternatively, you can purchase a couple of tickets for £1.50. Please be aware that this is a networked game, so there will be lots of players competing for that smashing top prize.


Grab a Grand

Reach out and grab £1000 on the first day of August. This game plays every month at ABC – and it's actually quite good value. It's buy one card get one free, and you can max out with up to 48.


New improved happy hour

At one time, the Happy Hour at ABC used to be dull, but now it really is something to smile about. All hosted chat games give away double loyalty points, plus there's a 100% bonus code each time you deposit. There is also a pub quiz in the Nifty 90 room, where you can win up to £5 in bonuses. The doors open between 4 PM and 6 PM each Monday night.


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