The Sun’s Bingo Hall Drug Bust!

By Ben Barker - May 18 2015

Bingo Hall toilets across the country have tested positive for Class A drugs!

Out of the 17 bingo halls visited, seven showed traces of cocaine and unbelievably, one toilet even showed traces of crack cocaine! The tests were carried out as part of an investigation by The Sun newspaper, which used drug testing kits to search for traces in toilets all over the country.

What’s perhaps most worrying about this investigation is that this wasn’t just one isolated case, or just one area of the country. Gala Bingo halls in Basildon, Blackpool, Glasgow and Bristol all tested positive whilst a Mecca Bingo hall in Essex was also found to have traces of cocaine. Even worst, another venue in Bristol was tested positive for crack cocaine, a more dangerous and addictive form of the drug.

To drug charity experts however this news comes as no surprise, one worker told the Daily Mail that many older people were turning to drugs to help combat loneliness, an increasing feeling amongst older people, and a major trigger for drug use. Drug Charities such as Frank have often focused their efforts on young people, with drug education mandatory at schools across the UK. However, they now believe this focus on young people has left the older generation less informed, which might explain the use of what can be potentially very dangerous drugs.

In a related story from last year, it was revealed that record numbers of pensioners are being hospitalised across the UK for drug related problems.

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