Truffle Tray Cashback at Tasty Bingo

By Zoe X - October 28 2010

Is £150 the kind of money that you would like to have as cash back every week?

If so then sign up to Tasty Bingo and earn yourself this money with this delicious box and find your favourite truffles with the bingo or instant games and Tasty Bingo will give you a massive 6% on absolutely everything that you wager on their games. Take a look at Tasty Bingo’s massive Truffle Tray Assortment.

Get yourself 20-99 points to gain yourself one point and 2% cash back which will be paid to you every Friday.
Get 4% cash back paid to your account every Friday by gaining yourself 100-499 points for 2 truffles.
For 3 truffles get yourself 500 and more points to get yourself a further 6% cash back paid into your account every Friday.
You can also get yourself 1 point by wagering £1 on absolutely any bingo game you want and a further 1 point when you wager any £1 IG!

Tasty Bingo (NEW)

Tasty Bingo (NEW) – Play Now

Tasty Bingo

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