Try Build-a-Word and Poker Bingo at Dream Bingo this month

By Becky Mosley - June 21 2010

Dream Bingo has an interesting promotion scheduled in for next Wednesday 23rd June. Build-a-Word Bingo will be announced by the Chat Host in chat when the game begins you need to keep an eye on the balls as they come out as you need to make a word out of them. Your word needs to be at least 4 letters long and when you’ve got one you need to yell “WORD” and you’ll win 2 BBZ.

The second and third roomies to shout “WORD” will each win 1 BBZ each so everyone will need their thinking caps on as your word must be a proper word that can be found in the dictionary and remember to check your spelling!

Poker players will enjoy Wednesday 30th June’s Poker Bingo which again will be announced by the CH in chat. The winner will use the colours of the first 5 balls out in the next game to make the best poker hand for BBZ.

The following are all legitimate poker hands:

1 Pair = 2 BBz (2 balls of the same colour)
2 Pair = 3 BBz (2 balls of 1 colour and 2 balls of another colour)
3 of a Kind = 4 BBz (3 balls the same colour)
Full House = 6 BBz (2 balls of one colour, 3 balls of another colour)
Small Straight = 5 BBz (B-I-N-G-O any order)
4 of a Kind = 8 BBz (4 balls of the same colour)
5 of a Kind = 10 BBz (5 balls of the same colour)
B-I-N-G-O (in order) = 15 BBz (one ball of each colour)

Your Nabors above and below will each win 2 BBZ when they shout out “NABORS” whilst the winner needs to shout “POKER”. It should be plenty of fun and a little different from your usual bingo games so why not give Build a Word and Poker Bingo a go?

Dream Bingo always has some sort of promotion on from cash giveaways to unique games and there’s something new and exciting to try all the time so if you’re not a member why not sign up today? New members get 200% Welcome Bonus up to £200 so if you spend £10 you’ll get an additional £20, spend £100 and you’ll get an extra £200!

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