The Ultimate Bingo Night In

By Ben Barker - April 1 2016


The beauty of bingo is not only that it is fun, but it can give you the perfect opportunity to be sociable with your friends. A bingo night with friends can be the perfect way to get someone who has never played bingo before into the game.


While bingo is traditionally seen as a game played by the older community, those who have experienced the buzz and thrill of bingo with friends know just how exciting it can be. Because of this, many people opt to have a special bingo themed night in the comfort of their own home. A bingo night is the perfect way for players to share their passion for the game and introduce their friends to it.


One of the best things about a bingo night at your home is that it is relatively simple to organise, and there is no need to get dressed up for the occasion. If you choose, you could set a theme for the night, perhaps dress up, or you could simply tell everyone to come over in pyjamas and slippers. A fun location can also add to the evening.


To create a successful bingo night in your home, you will need to create bingo cards, have markers or bingo dabbers, numbers ranging from one to 95, or a smaller value if you choose, and a list of bingo calls. Alternatively, you could also sign up for an online bingo service and ask your friends to bring their laptops while you sit in the same game room. This means that you could all be playing off the different numbers in the same draw but could win a significant prize fund.


To start off the evening, you should explain the rules of bingo and then either play a practice game or dive straight into the fun. As an incentive, you should have some small prizes for the winners of each game and even rotate the caller so everyone gets a turn. You can play a different range of games, making sure that they are finished quickly, or you can play full games of bingo. One of the best things about being the bingo caller is that you can embrace the use of bingo terminology used during games, such as sticks for 11 or two fat ladies for 88. This can be fun for all of those playing, especially new players, thus it is always a good idea to change the caller and give everyone a chance.


The beauty of a bingo night is that it is the perfect way to relax with friends, and it does not need to be an expensive or wild occasion. Simply prepare some food, have a few drinks, perhaps even make a few cocktails and enjoy yourself.


Regardless of whether you choose to have a bingo night for fundraising, to catch up with friends or simply for pleasure, bingo is a very inclusive activity and a bingo night can be the perfect way to have fun, catch up with old friends or make new ones.

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