Virgin Bingo Takes a Break?!

By Asin Agrawal - December 31 2010

It looks to me as though Virgin Bingo is taking a break between Christmas and New Year this year, perhaps they really need the break?! We don't see anything special planned for New Year's Eve and only the regular promotional activities are currently taking place. Normally this site offers daily specials – which are still up for grabs, as well as a rather larger weekly promotion and this is not up at the site. Whether they are bothering with a NYE chat party or not, at this point it is hard to tell. In the meantime they are encouraging members to work on their V*Points balance. One would assume there was a rush to cash-in V*Points this Christmas time, which would not be very surprising.

Virgin Bingo, Virgin Poker and Virgin Casino – collectively known as Virgin Gaming, have some of the best games you will find anywhere online in the UK and they also offer the best loyalty programme too. In fact, if I were to say that I am a member of Virgin Bingo, it would not be for the promotions, it would be for the loyalty programme – namely V*Points. These points are earned across all three gaming opportunities which are completely in-sync with each other. So, open one Virgin Gaming account and earn V*Points across all three gambling opportunities and they all go into one account. We have to be fair and state that money-for-money, the most amount of V*Points are earned when you play bingo.

The list of the things you can trade V*Points for, is a list as long as my arm. Honestly speaking there is very little you can't buy with these. Certainly not your normal online bingo scenario where points are generally traded for free bingo games. Trade them for shopping vouchers, Virgin Atlantic Flying Miles, air tickets to major European cities on weekends, Virgin Experiences, cash for free bingo or do good and donate them to Virgin Unite either way this is one very unique rewards scheme and you won’t find another like it on any other bingo site.

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