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By Dani Lee - September 24 2010

Silk Bingo has another bunch of weekend bingo promotions to keep you busy over the next few days. The first is the Bingo Bud Bonuses offer which sees Bingo Bud giving away £100 in mystery gifts and points between Monday and Thursday each week. Keep an eye out for Bingo Bud, if you spot him in a bingo room he’ll be loaded with bingo bonus and ready to start sharing!
In Genie’s Lucky Numbers players are this week bingo-ing on the number 3 for their chance to win a chunk of £500 in points. So if you’re playing bingo over the weekend and bingo on the number 3 you’ll have secured yourself a share of the £500 prize.
Table Bingo takes place every Sunday and offers players the chance to score a share of 200,000 points! You need to express an interest in playing my Midnight on Thursday each week so you’ve missed out this week but if you want to take part just let Silk Bingo know in time for next week’s cut off day. The email address you’ll need to contact is [email protected]
The Instant Game Bonus this week will reward the top 3 winners on Video Slot, Gets the Worm. The top prize is £20 whilst second place will get £15 and third will get £5. You have all weekend long to play Gets the Worm and if you have a fairly successful few games you could walk away with one of these prizes.
In Spot the Celeb this weekend Silk Bingo are giving you the opportunity to win 15,000 points if you answer the following question correctly.
Which hip-hop star has announced that he has dropped his bid to become president of Haiti a month after his candidacy was formally rejected by Haitian authorities?
If you know the answer, send it across to Silk Bingo who will enter you into a draw to win the 15,000 points prize.

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