Win £6000 whilst you watch the England Vs Algeria match!

By Becky Mosley - June 15 2010

Right now it seems the whole country has gone World Cup mad and in true online bingo style all the sites are offering football themed promotions but this one’s a corker so read on…

Lots of Bingo put on three special Bingo Linx games in honour of the football. The first game has just played on Saturday 12th June the night we drew against the USA. This game was worth £5000 and was pretty impressive in its own right but this week will see the second of the Football Bingo Linx games and this time it’s £6000! The next game will play on Saturday 18th June in line with the England/Algeria match. The last of these special Bingo Linx games will take place on Wednesday 23rd June when England play Slovenia. This game concludes the Football Bingo Linx games and is the big one with a £7000 prize attached!

Football Bingo Linx games can be found in Rooms 1, 2 and BSL on the specified dates at 10.30pm. If England manages to do well in the tournament, Lots of Bingo will whip out even more juicy jackpots and there’s talk of a £15,000 Bingo Linx game for the final so cross those fingers and toes!

If you want to take part in the games but can only think about the football right now, why not pre-buy your tickets so you needn’t miss out on a chunky prize. If you’re not a member of Lots of Bingo you can sign up now and have a few games on the house with their free £1 no deposit bonus. First deposits of £10 will be topped up with another £25 completely free so sign up quick and get stuck into the big Football Bingo Linx games this month!

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