Win a share of £500 at Bingo Me Happy this weekend

By Dani Lee - September 18 2010

This weekend Bingo Me Happy players can play for a share of £500 in points as part of the Genie’s Lucky Number promotion. This week Genie’s Lucky Number is 10 so you need to be bingo-ing on this number for your slice of the prize.
The Instant Game Bonus offer this week will see the top 3 wagerers on the X Factor Video Slot each winning a cash prize. The prize pot is £35 with a top prize of £20, second prize of £10 and third prize of £5. The rules to the Instant Game Bonus change every week so some weeks it may be the 3 top winners or losers who win and other weeks like this one it’s the top wagerers so get spending on that X Factor slot for your chance to win this week.
In Spot the Celeb Bingo Me Happy are asking which 31 year old British Boxer has be caught allegedly snorting cocaine after photos of the star were revealed this week? Do you know the answer? If so pop it over to the Bingo Me Happy team and you will be entered into a draw to win a whopping 15,000 points!
Bingo Me Happy has just updated their promotions page to feature their £10K Festive Fortune offer. Basically, Bingo Me Happy is giving you guys the chance to earn points and tickets into a £10K game set o play on 22nd December. You can start earning those points right now and obviously the more points you have, the more tickets you end up with for the game and the better your chances of winning. If you want you can buy your tickets but they’re £10 a pop so it might be wise to try earning your way into the game especially as they’ve given you so much time to do so. It may only be September but Christmas is definitely on the horizon!

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    li class="comment even thread-even depth-1" id="comment-399"> pauline54

    I love bigo me happy so i will defo get cards in for this game, i could do with a share of £500 so hears hoping lol

    September 18, 2010


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