Win a VW Polo with Moon Bingo

By Dani Lee - September 27 2010

Moon Bingo’s fantastic VW Polo Car promo will soon be coming to an end as the big game plays on 30th September so I thought I’d remind you all to get your tickets in quick!
If you’re carless at the moment or you just fancy driving around in a brand spanking new VW Polo, you could win one courtesy of those lovely people at Moon Bingo. The Polo Car Game plays at 10pm sharp next Thursday 30th September. You can buy your cards for the game now, they cost £2 each and you’re allowed to buy up to 96 so make sure you get plenty and you’ll improve your chances of winning somewhat.
The winner of the VW Polo Game will be the first player to bingo on the car pattern and even if you’re not the main winner, there’s still some appealing runners up prizes. Players who have 1TG will share a guaranteed £500 whilst players with 2TG will share out a guaranteed £300.
Players had previously been able to earn free bingo tickets into the game but this offer ceased to be earlier this week. If you have acquired any free tickets they will now be showing when you log into your Moon Bingo account so go and have a look on site.


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