Win extra cash at Littlewoods Bingo this Christmas

By Becky Mosley - December 18 2011

Littlewoods Bingo has come up with the Cash 4 Christmas promotion which will play every night this week right up until Christmas Eve. There's £4000 to be won over the course of the event, with up to £500 up for grabs in a single game.

Tickets cost just 15p so it won't cost you much to take part, yet you could win some much needed Cash 4 Christmas. These special bingo games will play every night between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. The first player to call 1 line will win a cash prize which is determined by the number you bingo on. The prize is hidden behind a numbered window so when you bingo on say, the number 1, you get to reveal the prize behind window number 1. Easy!

There's also free bingo games all day long on Thursday 22nd December, head to Littlewoods Bingo between 9am and 9pm and you might win a real cash prize without it costing you a penny!

New members who join this bingo site will get a free 250% welcome bonus up to £250, this is a fairly new addition to the site which used to offer considerably less when you joined. In other words, now is a good time to join!

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