Wink Bingo’s Team Bingo

By Zoe X - November 2 2010

Wink Bingo is introducing you to Team Bingo as they value friendships with and between their players. All you have to do is join a team and play bingo. Remember that the more games you play with your team then the more points you will earn for the team therefore putting yourself in a better leader board position at the end of the team bingo period. So get playing bingo for the following points prizes.

  • 1st place will get 170,000pts
  • If your team comes second there’s 120,000pts
  • Third place gets 70,000pts
  • Fourth place will get 50,000pts
  • 5th-10th place will give you 15,000

Wink Bingo will choose a team for you to play in because they want to play fair and give everyone a chance to play bingo whilst building friendships. The team goes on for two weeks in which you have to play the most bingo to get the most points for the team. At the end of the two weeks Wink Bingo will reward the winning team for the most points. Like in most bingo games there can be ties and in this case the tied teams will be asked to play again and the team who bingos the most on the letter T will be the winner of the prize for the game. They reward their winners by showing their account on the leader board and by notifying the teams of their win through the winners mailer so you could soon see your team’s name proudly displayed on the site!

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